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Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy.

The environmental policy covers all aspects of Apex Rapid Cleans operations – from good housekeeping measures such as using both sides of the paper prior to recycling.

Promoting suppliers and services, which adhere to environmentally sound ways of operating.

All staff also has access to this Environmental Policy which can be viewed via the company’s website or internally viewing the file held on our system.

Apex Rapid Clean practises the principle of the 3Rs by

  1. Reducing waste where possible by thinking about what we buy and how we will use it. Non-essential documents and emails will not be printed. We will annually review which internal documents and external publications are essential, if they are not they will be cancelled thus reducing waste and saving money. We will endeavour to avoid disposable cups and food packaging brought by our office and for events. We will ensure all our printing and photocopying is done on double-sided paper.
  2. Re-use wherever possible by trying to find a second life for items specially paper and office stationery. Scrap paper will be used in printers, fax machines, for taking messages and for writing notes or draft copies of documents. We are committed to the re-use of envelopes and packaging where possible.
  3. Recycle as the least preferred option of the 3Rs. All paper, card, glass, plastic and tin will be recycled. Toner cartridges and inkjets will also be recycled. If office furniture or IT equipment is being replaced then Apex Rapid Clean will seek to have those items reused or recycled.
  4. Apex Rapid Clean will buy recycled office paper. We will endeavour to switch all publications and general office papers to 100% post-consumer waste recycled papers, any additional purchasing costs will be balanced against reduced consumption. When purchasing other items of office equipment recycled options will be considered.
  5. Apex Rapid Clean will seek to minimise the use of energy in its activities. For example lights and equipment will be switched on only when needed and not out of routine
  6. Apex Rapid Clean recognises that’s its business activities interact with the environment in a variety of ways.

These activities have an impact in the key areas of

  • Raw material use and disposal – all materials are recognised by COSHH sheets and disposal of these materials are via FCM Engineering & Shanks Waste Management
  • Energy Use – using energy saver bulbs where applicable, using an energy saving thermometer in the office environment to gauge a correct temperature, using a 30 ® degree cycle on the dishwasher to conserve energy
  • Recycling – paper, plastic and cardboard are recycled and collected by LEEP Recycling. Rubbish waste is distributed to correct waste container and collected by Changeworks
  • Apex Rapid Clean recognises that it has a responsibility to help protect the environment wherever it has an opportunity to do so, be a responsible neighbour and to provide a comfortable environment for its employees to work in.

As such, Apex Rapid Clean is committed to

  • Continual improvement in the environment impact of its business activities
  • Improving the environment benefits provided by its products/services
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible
  • Complying with relevant legal, customer and other third party requirements
  • Adopting best practise applicable to its activities wherever it is practical to do so

Apex will achieve these commitments through the following means

  • The implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System, that is independently certified as compliant with ISO 14001:2004 by 2014.
  • Employing processes that identify the aspects of the Company’s business that have an environmental impact and quantifying the significance of each aspect
  • Setting objectives for reducing its environmental impact and maintaining an environmental performance improvement programme to enable them to be achieved
  • Ensuring that its employees, suppliers and customers are aware of any support required by them to support the Company’s commitments and environmental improvements initiatives.
  • Continually monitoring the environmental impact of its business activities
  • The implementation of this Environmental Policy is fundamental to the success of Apex Rapid Cleans business and must be supported by all employees as integral part of their daily work.

This policy is publically available to interested external parties upon request.

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