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If a job is worth doing, its worth doing it right!

As a business, we are always looking for motivated people who take pride in their work and are committed to providing an outstanding service.

Our company is built around our employees, a huge team of people with the right attitude to hard work.  We know cleaning is no easy ride; it’s a physical job someone’s got to do! But everybody here at Apex Rapid Clean appreciates the sweat & strain you do on a daily basis, even our managing director rolls up her sleeves when’s needed.

We ask for your support and in turn we can give you job security, competitive salaries and opportunities within the business as it grows. Whether that be management to administration, sales or finance, we see you with us long term.

At Apex Rapid Clean, we will provide you with all the relevant training to complete your job, safely. The cleaning standards are not the same as how you would clean your home, we expect more, and you need to make sure hygiene and safety are at the top of your list, with attention to the small detail.

We want your feedback! Either a regular ‘catch up’ on-site or pop in for a coffee at the office to have a chat, your views are valued – whenever, wherever. We want our staff to be happy and enthusiastic about the work they do.  
You won’t need a degree to do the job, but we value your common sense.  

We always allow enough time in our quotes to complete the job to our high standards but we need you to organise your time, but we also complete a deep clean initially on each site to ensure the standard is easy to maintain.

If you think you have what it takes, then apply now!

  • “Reliable, efficient, no fuss service – Thank you Apex for your first class service, keeping our office clean, out of hours with no disruption to ourselves. We are extremely happy with your service.”

    - Crossreach, Craiglockhart Avenue

  • “Very pleased with Apex, the standard of cleaning is extremely good and the staff are friendly and easy to deal with. We are very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a professional cleaning job to be done.”

    - Indigo PR, Maritime Street

  • “As a busy visitor attraction in the city centre, we have always had difficulty finding reliable and hard working cleaning staff. Since taking up a contract with APEX last year, we have been pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, attention to detail and great cleaning staff provided by this company. Tina is a wonderful point of contact to deal with, and all of our queries have always been followed up swiftly, with great communication from Tina and the rest of the team. The cleaning staff members provided by Apex have all been wonderful, hard working and always reliable with great time keeping. Our current cleaner has been with us for several months now and I don’t know what we would do without her! Thank you Apex!”

    - The Edinburgh Dungeon, Market Street

  • “The standard of cleaning by your team of cleaners is extremely good. Communication between ourselves and the Cleaning Supervisor is maintained on a regular basis.”

    - Barony, Canal Court & High Riggs

  • “We have used Apex Rapid Clean for our dental surgery cleaning since 2008 and we are more than happy with the service provided. We have always found them to be extremely professional, effective and efficient. We would highly recommend them.”

    - Integrated Dental Care, Manor Place

  • “Apex Rapid Clean have made my life much easier – I have confidence that our high cleaning standards are being maintained and they provide a flexible, efficient service. Any problems are dealt with promptly and professionally leaving me free to concentrate on running our business. Great bunch of people!”

    - Inigo Business Centres, Rutland Square

  • “Professional efficient service with great results.
    Members of Apex team are friendly and helpful when they come into the office and keen to do a good job.”

    - Press Data, East London Street

  • “Since Apex have taken over our cleaning contract we have noticed a marked improvement in standards and cleanliness – excellent customer service and focused on what the Client requires.”

    - Garwyn Group, West George Street

Want to know more about us?

Get in touch with us on  0131 324 0793 or write to us on our Contact Page

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