Staff Area

Staff Area

Here at Apex Rapid Clean Ltd, Health & Safety is paramount to us – prior, during and whilst finalising our work.

We expect our staff members to conduct themselves & others in a safe manner at all times.

A risk assessment is carried out before you start; which you will then be guided through and advised of any possible hazards on site, that you should be fully aware of.

We will then complete an induction programme with you; highlighting our company’s rules and procedures, our employee handbook will also be given to you – it is essential you read and sign to accept

you understand Apex Rapid Clean policies. Training will be given on site as well as a job description covering your role.

You are provided with yellow safety sign at each location you work at; this must be used when washing floors and left out until the floor is completely dry.

You are also given a uniform when you commence; this must be worn at all times when working. Your uniform must be kept clean and in good condition.

Please now watch our Health & Safety video, which will give you further knowledge into H & S within in your workplace.

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